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October 12, 2011

Baby Modeling for Gap and Baby Gap

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Is your daughter cute enough to be a baby model? why not enter her in the BabyGap modeling contest for babies or the Gap Kids casting call.

The GAP is known for doing these casting calls and contests. There is actually one event coming up this month that is looking for a girl to be in a Gap Kids Christmas special that will be aired online this winter.

You may want to check out the GapKids and BabyGap auditions for 2012 and see if any are coming up that may be in your area.

The Gap publicizes these auditions well. The best way to find them is to do a weekly search to see if any are publicized.

The Gap many times will hold auditions and tryouts at their store locations so if you want to tryout either this year at the one above or in 2012 you will have to live in a city that has a large Gap Kids store. The Gap contest, however may be done online sometimes so if you do not live next to a large store you may still be able to tryout for their commercial or print work.

When attending one of these events you will want to bring a headshot and a resume stapled to the back of the headshot. If your child does not have a headshot then a simple snapshot or photo will do. Casting directors normally want to see the kids dressed as kids, meaning, no photos in costumes or extensive makeup. If your child does not have a resume, it is most likely OK also because these kids casting calls are not meant to be for professional actors and most kids just starting out may not have any experience.


January 27, 2009

What Seperates the true stars from the rest of the pack

The embarrassment of it all, So what separates the true stars from the rest, well…. It must be the ability to do the whole “show must go on” thing, no matter what happens.

here are some pretty sick videos of things you really shouldn’t do on a stage…. well, trip, fall, or anything like that, but we all know in this biz, it happens.

I really gotta give credit to the models and performers who took the fall, smiled, and went on with the show, hoping the rest of the world watching missed it.

Beyonce falls on stage

what a true star. The video shows Beyonce taking one hard fall down some stairs, Beyonce gets up and goes on with the show as if nothing happened.

Miss USA falls but keeps smiling. what a trooper

November 30, 2008

Hot Campaigns – Agyness Deyn

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Burberry Campaign

Burberry Campaign

Agyness Deyn seems to be working on many projects these days. Rumor has it that she is also involved in a film project.  The hot blonde from DNA models recently had a Agyness mannequin made in her likeness, appeared on numerous magazine covers including a spot on the V September Issue, editorials and trendy campaigns.


Agyness Deyn Armani Campaign photo. I love her arm, it seems to go on forever in this pic.


Printemps Campaign


October 6, 2008

New York Fashion, circa 1800’s

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The Ritz Carlton in New York

Look at the dresses, how cool. I guess the cut out back was in style then and the shoulders showing is always very sexy. You can taste the elegance of those gowns worn by the social elite of New York in the 1800’s.

Vintage dresses from Balenciaga

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Some beautiful vintage dresses from Balenciaga. Balenciaga of the 1950’s was very elegant and feminine. His gowns were spectacular with layers of sheer silky and lace fabrics. Here is a gorgeous gown below on a model from 1961.

Vintage Balenciaga gown from 1961

Vintage Balenciaga gown from 1961

A lace Vintage Balenciaga dress

1950 Balenciaga dress

1950 Balenciaga dress

Model wearing a silk Balenciaga dress

Vintage Balenciaga Silk dress

Vintage Balenciaga Silk dress

Become a model, Become a Singer, Become an actress! Check out all the auditions and create your own modeling portfolio website for FREE at Explore Talent!

July 28, 2008

Anya from ANTM Wins after Losing

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Through the last few episodes of last seasons ANTM, I gotta say I was rooting for my girl Anya. Anya Anya KopRozova AKA Anya Kop as she was called on the show is just so gorgeous and I have to admit she had what seemed like a great personality from what I saw on America’s Next Top Model.

It’s definitely no surprise that she got snatched up by Elite Model Management as soon as the show ended. From what I read, Elite picks up a few of the “losers” each season and the ANTM losers end up winners all around, signed to one of the top modeling agencies on the planet, Elite.

From Fashion Model: Losing on America’s Next Top Model may in fact be better than winning. Seems, if you lose you may get the modeling contracts just that much faster. Two of last season’s losers got snatched up by Elite as soon as they went off the show and I am hoping that the other girls got snatched up by other modeling agencies.

Anya Rozova, or Anya Kop ANTM last season is now signed with Elite, and we may see much more of her in the near future as the agency starts booking her. Anya, Now back to being a brunette says the blonde hair color that America’s Next Top Model gave her was a bit hard for her to keep up and I for one think she looks much better as a brunette than the ANTM look of “bleached blonde”. I loved her on the show and was hoping she would win it. I am glad Anya still came out a modeling winner with a very coveted spot with Elite post ANTM.

here’s some commentary from a news report..

“Each season Elite plucks non-winners from the ANTM cast. Rozova’s former housemate and competitor, Katarzyna Dolinska, was signed “the second she lost.” “Last season was a great batch,” Covarrubias added. “Whitney’s kicking butt, Anya’s kicking butt, Katarzyna’s kicking butt. We’re doing really well with the three girls we ended up with.”

July 17, 2008

Exploretalent.com unveils new site

Explore Talent announced it’s anniversary and a brand new website to celebrate. They say they have expanded services to include features for musicians and dancers such as music uploads, expanded photo uploads and video uploads.

Explore Talent is geared towards a do-it yourself approach to auditions and talent casting. They keep a database that is updated daily of all the casting calls and auditions in the United States and allow members to search the database as well as send email alerts when casting matching member specified criteria come in.

Exploretalent.com offers a service that for about a dollar a day delivers all the auditions and casting calls in your area straight to your mailbox. For a buck a day, it’s kinda hard to pass up the convenience.

If you want to stay on top of every call that goes out without needing to spend hours daily searching numerous listings, sites, papers, etc… this may be something to check out!

link to the Explore Talent Press release

Explore Talent news release:

July 14, 2008 – ExploreTalent.com is celebrating its 5-year anniversary this month by launching it’s new site. The new and improved ExploreTalent.com went through a slick redesign, revamped navigation, updated their logo and added many new features, services and sections. “We have been working on the new site for almost a year now, every time we thought we had it done, we found something new we wanted to add for our members. We were thrilled to get it completed in time for our 5 year anniversary,” explains Don Hinder, Marketing Manager.

link read more…

July 14, 2008

Explore Talent gets a face lift

The talent community, Exploretalent.com just released some news about its new site. Looks great. I remember the site before and it definately needed an update… so about time.

The Explore Talent website is a job board of sorts that matches aspiring actors and models with casting calls and auditions. The site offers modeling auditions, open casting calls, lots of independent films, promotional and commercial projects. It is a good starting point for anyone just trying to break into the industry and needing to build up a modeling portfolio or body of acting work.

Explore Talent also seems to have plenty of local jobs in all areas, not just a few major cities like NYC and LA.

July 13, 2008

Tips to break into modeling

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from the modeling blog at modeling.net we have an article called….

7 Tips to help you break into modeling

Most people are familiar with high fashion modeling, but few are familiar with the dozens of other types of models and modeling jobs that make up the majority of paid modeling assignments. Here are a few tips for aspiring models. Also, check out How to become a model.

Do your homework

Learn about the different types of models and try to figure out where you fit in. Be objective and realistic. Know your exact measurements and figure out what kind of modeling suits you best.

If you are of average height, then focus on work that may be geared towards your height. Many girls dream of being high fashion runway models, but most do not have the height needed to be successful. You may be the most beautiful 5’2” goddess around, but at 5’2”, your gorgeous face will not be enough to land a gig on designer runways during fashion week. Always be honest and realistic about your chances. The last thing you want to do is put a lot of time and effort into something that is non-attainable regardless of your efforts.


June 11, 2008

Did Naomi really say this?

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hmm, I gotta wonder. Naomi Campbell has been getting into a bit of trouble this last year or two. She threw a phone at her housekeeper and Naomi spat on a police officer. I guess she had to attend anger management for those and another report I read states she had to clean up some trash

Anyway, another modeling blog has her as saying the following…
She says that sweeping rubbish changed her life! ‘I find solace in sweeping,’ she also said ‘I have the time to think.’

So her life has now been changed.

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