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July 28, 2008

Anya from ANTM Wins after Losing

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Through the last few episodes of last seasons ANTM, I gotta say I was rooting for my girl Anya. Anya Anya KopRozova AKA Anya Kop as she was called on the show is just so gorgeous and I have to admit she had what seemed like a great personality from what I saw on America’s Next Top Model.

It’s definitely no surprise that she got snatched up by Elite Model Management as soon as the show ended. From what I read, Elite picks up a few of the “losers” each season and the ANTM losers end up winners all around, signed to one of the top modeling agencies on the planet, Elite.

From Fashion Model: Losing on America’s Next Top Model may in fact be better than winning. Seems, if you lose you may get the modeling contracts just that much faster. Two of last season’s losers got snatched up by Elite as soon as they went off the show and I am hoping that the other girls got snatched up by other modeling agencies.

Anya Rozova, or Anya Kop ANTM last season is now signed with Elite, and we may see much more of her in the near future as the agency starts booking her. Anya, Now back to being a brunette says the blonde hair color that America’s Next Top Model gave her was a bit hard for her to keep up and I for one think she looks much better as a brunette than the ANTM look of “bleached blonde”. I loved her on the show and was hoping she would win it. I am glad Anya still came out a modeling winner with a very coveted spot with Elite post ANTM.

here’s some commentary from a news report..

“Each season Elite plucks non-winners from the ANTM cast. Rozova’s former housemate and competitor, Katarzyna Dolinska, was signed “the second she lost.” “Last season was a great batch,” Covarrubias added. “Whitney’s kicking butt, Anya’s kicking butt, Katarzyna’s kicking butt. We’re doing really well with the three girls we ended up with.”


June 11, 2008

Did Naomi really say this?

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hmm, I gotta wonder. Naomi Campbell has been getting into a bit of trouble this last year or two. She threw a phone at her housekeeper and Naomi spat on a police officer. I guess she had to attend anger management for those and another report I read states she had to clean up some trash

Anyway, another modeling blog has her as saying the following…
She says that sweeping rubbish changed her life! ‘I find solace in sweeping,’ she also said ‘I have the time to think.’

So her life has now been changed.

April 4, 2008

Australian native Gemma Ward :: top model video interview

Here is Gemma, a modeling export from down under. This is an interview on an Australian TV show, she is delightful.

March 24, 2008

Supermodel VS Supercreep


tyra-banks-stalker.jpgSUPERMODEL vs. SUPER ‘CREEP’: The site in Chelsea where Tyra Banks tapes her talk show was visited by obsessed fan Brady Green (inset), who was arrested in a nearby restaurant.

March 23, 2008 —

Talk-show host Tyra Banks is living in fear of a hulking stalker who’s been terrorizing her for months and was set free by a judge last week.

Cops finally busted the burly ex-con drifter Tuesday for allegedly stalking Banks from coast to coast, but he was released without bail – an act that has added to her anxiety.

Brady Green, 37, has hounded Banks with multiple letters and phone calls since early January, cops and prosecutors said.

He then started sending her flowers and showing up in person at her Los Angeles TV studio, they said.

The Dublin, Ga., native then took a bus to New York with the idea of visiting the studio where “The Tyra Banks Show” is taped. He arrived in the lobby at 4:23 p.m. on Tuesday, asking to speak to the former supermodel, the authorities said.

Green was carrying a large duffel bag stuffed with magazine write-ups about Banks and notes to himself about his various attempts to reach her, they said.

Cops were called to the scene, where Banks said she feared for her safety. Green was cleared from the premises.

But at 7:22 p.m., Green was back – sitting across the street in a window seat at a McDonald’s, drinking coffee and flipping through one of his magazines, said witness Jesus Nuñez.

Nuñez described the 6-foot-2 Green as “huge, strong with a lot of muscles.”

Green told police he was homeless, although he appeared clean and dressed in neat, casual clothing, they said. Cops arrested him in the restaurant and charged him with stalking, harassment and criminal trespass.

Read the rest of the Tyra Banks story Supermodel VS supercreep 

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