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October 12, 2011

Baby Modeling for Gap and Baby Gap

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Is your daughter cute enough to be a baby model? why not enter her in the BabyGap modeling contest for babies or the Gap Kids casting call.

The GAP is known for doing these casting calls and contests. There is actually one event coming up this month that is looking for a girl to be in a Gap Kids Christmas special that will be aired online this winter.

You may want to check out the GapKids and BabyGap auditions for 2012 and see if any are coming up that may be in your area.

The Gap publicizes these auditions well. The best way to find them is to do a weekly search to see if any are publicized.

The Gap many times will hold auditions and tryouts at their store locations so if you want to tryout either this year at the one above or in 2012 you will have to live in a city that has a large Gap Kids store. The Gap contest, however may be done online sometimes so if you do not live next to a large store you may still be able to tryout for their commercial or print work.

When attending one of these events you will want to bring a headshot and a resume stapled to the back of the headshot. If your child does not have a headshot then a simple snapshot or photo will do. Casting directors normally want to see the kids dressed as kids, meaning, no photos in costumes or extensive makeup. If your child does not have a resume, it is most likely OK also because these kids casting calls are not meant to be for professional actors and most kids just starting out may not have any experience.


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