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June 10, 2008

Dolce & Gabbana (D & G) Male Winter 2009 Fashion Show, backstage

This is the description of this video…
The Dolce & Gabbana collection Fall/winter 2009. Tradition is always in mind as the starting point, but experimentation and innovation in the fashion of Dolce & Gabbana is always evolving.
The style is “wraps to stay warm”. Tailored jackets, double-layered with organza with exposed finish.

Trousers are looser and more voluminous. Special brushed shearling from the farmers with details of unfinished fabric and wool. Crocodile or patchwork leather jackets or nylon jackets lined with lambskin. Tailored jackets with exposed stitching and patchwork lapels. Day suits single or double-breasted layered with organza. Pin-striped or worn velvet suits. Jogging pants made of cashmere and low rise trousers with a dropped crotch. Chunky handmade sweaters layered with tulle. Shirts with collars and cuffs layered with organza or hand-painted naïve art. For the evening, three-piece suits are black, single or doublebreasted jackets are layered with blue, black or brown organza, with black satin lapels.

Some of the T-shirt of the Fall/Winter 2008/2009 collection are made exclusively for Dolce & Gabbana by Alessandro Pezzati, a young artist who attends Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Check out more high fashion news.


April 4, 2008

Bathing suits past and present

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Bathing suit fashion then and now. Check out this hot little number on this bathing beauty from the 1800’s. She may be at risk of drowning if she goes in above the knee here. Can you imagine trying to swim in deep water with that get up on.

Not SI material here, really, its a bit hard to see how fit this bikini model is

1800 bathing suit

Still at risk of drowning in this modern, muslim, hot bathing suit. Yes this is amodern bathing suit from the middle East, luckily, not too many back yard, no lifeguard on duty pools in that region.


1920’s bathing glamour at its finest, this is just such a great look that you can actually swim in. 1920’s bathing beauty pin up.

1290’s style bathing beauty in bathing suit

Here is our modern bikini, wow, how things have chnged in a few hundred years


Going to a swim meet or championship, well here is the style.


turn of the century beach fashion


Hyoni and Hye Park on Korean Vogue

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Hyoni and Hye Park on the Cover of Korean Vogue

Indian Fashion :: runway models from india strut the catwalk

Trendy dresses go down the catwalk in the Arshiya Fakih Eaapen fashion show.




This is a bit different than the traditional styles delivered by other Indian designers.This evening gown below with the open toe “traditional” sandals is just stunning.



The 1980’s leggings reborn is definately not my favorite look, but it seems 1980 style has been on the runway of high fashion around the world this last year


Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Aastha Bahl. A very fashionable collection inspired by the fabulously fashionable style icon Audrey Hepburn. I love this photo below.

This looks more NY than Bombay, but the outfit is stunning




There is a great Indian Fashion Blog that has many Indian designers featured.

Drashta models below 



March 27, 2008

Brazil style goes to Tokyo

Brazilian fashion and style came to Tokyo this week as Brazilian designers showed off their work for a full house of Asian buyers.

A model dislpays creation by Brazilian fashion brand “Drosofila” in Tokyo on March 26, 2008. Brazilian fashion brands were introduced to Japanese customers at the Brazilian Week in Tokyo.



Brazilian brand Juliana Jabour shown in Tokyo by models



Maria Bonita Extra from Brazil shown in Tokyo Brazilian Fashion week



A model dislpays creation by Brazilian fashion brand Gloria Coelho in Tokyo on March 26, 2008. Brazilian fashion brands were introduced to Japanese customers at the Brazilian Week in Tokyo.


More from Brazilian fashion designers




Search for the perfect prom dress

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prom-dress-1.jpegWith school ending and summer just around the corner… we head into prom season and the teenage girls mad dash to Macy’s in search of the perfect prom dress.

Wow, I am glad I am past that, but for thousands of American girls, the fashion fun is just beginning.

I must say, I have to wonder how many prom dresses the typical girl tries on before she says “this is it!”. 5…10..100?

So whats hot this prom season? I hear …

This season’s biggest trends include:

• Silky and slinky gowns

• Bold color — orange, yellow, pink

• Goddess-style draping

• Ruching

• Black-and-white combos

• Low-cut backs

• Subtle sequins — too much bling is a bad thing

• Subtle ruffles

• Halter-style tops

prom-dress-2.jpeg prom-dress-3.jpegprom-dress-4.jpeg

March 18, 2008

Louis Vuitton : Women Fashion Show Spring Summer 2007

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Some very pricey Louis Vuitton handbags walking down the catwalk

March 9, 2008

too boney to model?

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So I run across this pic, love the fashion but the first thing to catch my gaze  are the bones sticking out of her chest. This pic reminds me of something out of the Alien movie, creature poking out. It may just be the angle, but this models upper chest is gross, skinny is in, skeleton poking through skin is not. I just heard about a show sending models away for being too thin, I guess they do not like the “please feed me or I may die this second” look either.

Someone stick a cheeseburger in that lovely ladies mouth. I really just think clothes look better on a model when she does not look ill. The bags under the eyes do not help the starved look either.

too boney to model

Cool and not so cool runway looks

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 Some long lengths on the runway, I love the green boots with the gray.

high fashion runway show

3 short skirts that I could live without. 2 remind me of a cocktail waitress uniform and the plaid one is a bit dowdy.

short dresses on model catwalk runway show

Fashion Hurts

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Fashion Hurts
We all knew fashion hurts

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