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March 27, 2008

The fashion police could use an internal affairs unit

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Snarky amateur critics have taken the civility out of style watching

Nathalie Atkinson, National Post
Published: Thursday, March 27, 2008

It seems that anyone with a digital camera is now a street photographer and self-anointed style expert. At fashion events in particular, where these amateur Bill Cunning-hams stand around interviewing and snapping each other and themselves, it’s catty chasing its own tail. “Is there a ‘don’t’ column,” I overhear one hipster stylist hiss sotto voce for the benefit of his laughing friends at L’Oreal Fashion Week. He’s singling out a plump young woman walking past them, tottering barelegged in the cold in a pair of spindly, strappy sandals. She looks pretty, and proud of her outfit, no doubt meticulously planned. I hope she didn’t hear them. True, pointed critiques like Vice’s fashion faux-pas pages can be entertaining, but this guy’s callousness made me shiver. The girl isn’t a celebrity: She’s a regular person (not that celebs aren’t people too, but that’s another story), and I was dismayed at his complete lack of manners. Gossipy fashion malice for its own sake seems so passe and, whatever the season, cruelty is always unbecoming.

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