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January 27, 2009

What Seperates the true stars from the rest of the pack

The embarrassment of it all, So what separates the true stars from the rest, well…. It must be the ability to do the whole “show must go on” thing, no matter what happens.

here are some pretty sick videos of things you really shouldn’t do on a stage…. well, trip, fall, or anything like that, but we all know in this biz, it happens.

I really gotta give credit to the models and performers who took the fall, smiled, and went on with the show, hoping the rest of the world watching missed it.

Beyonce falls on stage

what a true star. The video shows Beyonce taking one hard fall down some stairs, Beyonce gets up and goes on with the show as if nothing happened.

Miss USA falls but keeps smiling. what a trooper


April 4, 2008

Victoria’s Secret & Bob Dillion Commercial

Victorias Secret models and Bob Dylan team up for this commercial video

and the copy for this video goes like this…

If you’re going to “sell out” this is the way to do it. Bob turning his back on the stuff this gal is selling. Why? The clue is in his song “High Water,” probably written around the same time as this tune: “Throw your panties overboard! I can write you poems make a strong man lose his mind.”
But if you’re going overboard for panties, she’s got a pair.

Do you also want to model? Try America’s Next Top Model Auditions to see if you have what it takes to make it in the modeling industry.

Why is Tyra a bit tiffed at Naomi?

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Well, I am not sure what that Tyra Banks vs Naomi Campbell is about but here are the stats and trivia. You all can decide, but here is the video from the emotional face toface some time back.

Naomi Campbell.

Height 5′ 9½” (1.77 m)

TriviaStudied at the London Academy For Performing Arts. Discovered at age 15.

First black female model on the cover of French Vogue, British Vogue, and Time Magazine.

She, along with Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer, opened the “Fashion Cafe” in New York.

Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world. [1991]

Has a scar on her nose.

Pleaded guilty to 1998 assault charges [February 2000]

Has the letters F.B. tattooed on her arm.

Has a successful line of perfumes and colognes


March 27, 2008

Paris Hilton on David Letterman show

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Here is Paris Hilton on the David Letterman show again, long hair now… Paris still looks cute, even wearing a nightgown of a dress.

March 24, 2008

Supermodel VS Supercreep


tyra-banks-stalker.jpgSUPERMODEL vs. SUPER ‘CREEP’: The site in Chelsea where Tyra Banks tapes her talk show was visited by obsessed fan Brady Green (inset), who was arrested in a nearby restaurant.

March 23, 2008 —

Talk-show host Tyra Banks is living in fear of a hulking stalker who’s been terrorizing her for months and was set free by a judge last week.

Cops finally busted the burly ex-con drifter Tuesday for allegedly stalking Banks from coast to coast, but he was released without bail – an act that has added to her anxiety.

Brady Green, 37, has hounded Banks with multiple letters and phone calls since early January, cops and prosecutors said.

He then started sending her flowers and showing up in person at her Los Angeles TV studio, they said.

The Dublin, Ga., native then took a bus to New York with the idea of visiting the studio where “The Tyra Banks Show” is taped. He arrived in the lobby at 4:23 p.m. on Tuesday, asking to speak to the former supermodel, the authorities said.

Green was carrying a large duffel bag stuffed with magazine write-ups about Banks and notes to himself about his various attempts to reach her, they said.

Cops were called to the scene, where Banks said she feared for her safety. Green was cleared from the premises.

But at 7:22 p.m., Green was back – sitting across the street in a window seat at a McDonald’s, drinking coffee and flipping through one of his magazines, said witness Jesus Nuñez.

Nuñez described the 6-foot-2 Green as “huge, strong with a lot of muscles.”

Green told police he was homeless, although he appeared clean and dressed in neat, casual clothing, they said. Cops arrested him in the restaurant and charged him with stalking, harassment and criminal trespass.

Read the rest of the Tyra Banks story Supermodel VS supercreep 

March 19, 2008

Interview with Photographer Paul Hartnett

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hartnett-dsc_1984.jpgPhotographer Paul Hartnett has been documenting the club scene since before many of our readers were even old enough to sneak out at night. In advance of his upcoming show in February, he kindly granted BigShinyThing an exclusive interview

From the early London punk scene, through Leigh Bowery and the clubs kids, to street culture in Japan and the Asian mainland, Hartnett has been there to capture the look while it’s still fresh and raw. We were keen to ask a few questions of the man who’s seen it all.

BST: You’ve been documenting youth and street culture for over 30 years now. What is it about those worlds that keeps you excited?

PAUL HARTNETT: I started documenting street and club culture at the age of eighteen as a means of social lubrication. I wanted to get close to the key punk players such as Soo Catwoman and Sid Vicious, who lived in the next road to me in West London back then. I wanted to go beyond the visual. A camera seemed a perfect excuse to talk, exchange ideas, develop a rapport. Sometimes there’d be very little beyond the hair spray and eye-liner, sometimes there were all kinds of viewpoints, the most brilliant perspectives.


March 18, 2008

Kim Kardashian Fashion Show

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Check out this clip of a Fashion show that Kim Kardashian is involved in

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