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April 4, 2008

Bathing suits past and present

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Bathing suit fashion then and now. Check out this hot little number on this bathing beauty from the 1800’s. She may be at risk of drowning if she goes in above the knee here. Can you imagine trying to swim in deep water with that get up on.

Not SI material here, really, its a bit hard to see how fit this bikini model is

1800 bathing suit

Still at risk of drowning in this modern, muslim, hot bathing suit. Yes this is amodern bathing suit from the middle East, luckily, not too many back yard, no lifeguard on duty pools in that region.


1920’s bathing glamour at its finest, this is just such a great look that you can actually swim in. 1920’s bathing beauty pin up.

1290’s style bathing beauty in bathing suit

Here is our modern bikini, wow, how things have chnged in a few hundred years


Going to a swim meet or championship, well here is the style.


turn of the century beach fashion


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