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July 17, 2008

Exploretalent.com unveils new site

Explore Talent announced it’s anniversary and a brand new website to celebrate. They say they have expanded services to include features for musicians and dancers such as music uploads, expanded photo uploads and video uploads.

Explore Talent is geared towards a do-it yourself approach to auditions and talent casting. They keep a database that is updated daily of all the casting calls and auditions in the United States and allow members to search the database as well as send email alerts when casting matching member specified criteria come in.

Exploretalent.com offers a service that for about a dollar a day delivers all the auditions and casting calls in your area straight to your mailbox. For a buck a day, it’s kinda hard to pass up the convenience.

If you want to stay on top of every call that goes out without needing to spend hours daily searching numerous listings, sites, papers, etc… this may be something to check out!

link to the Explore Talent Press release

Explore Talent news release:

July 14, 2008 – ExploreTalent.com is celebrating its 5-year anniversary this month by launching it’s new site. The new and improved ExploreTalent.com went through a slick redesign, revamped navigation, updated their logo and added many new features, services and sections. “We have been working on the new site for almost a year now, every time we thought we had it done, we found something new we wanted to add for our members. We were thrilled to get it completed in time for our 5 year anniversary,” explains Don Hinder, Marketing Manager.

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