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April 4, 2008

Victoria’s Secret & Bob Dillion Commercial

Victorias Secret models and Bob Dylan team up for this commercial video

and the copy for this video goes like this…

If you’re going to “sell out” this is the way to do it. Bob turning his back on the stuff this gal is selling. Why? The clue is in his song “High Water,” probably written around the same time as this tune: “Throw your panties overboard! I can write you poems make a strong man lose his mind.”
But if you’re going overboard for panties, she’s got a pair.

Do you also want to model? Try America’s Next Top Model Auditions to see if you have what it takes to make it in the modeling industry.


More Gemma

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Gemma Ward photo compilation video showing her different looks.

Australian native Gemma Ward :: top model video interview

Here is Gemma, a modeling export from down under. This is an interview on an Australian TV show, she is delightful.

March 18, 2008

Kim Kardashian Fashion Show

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Check out this clip of a Fashion show that Kim Kardashian is involved in

March 17, 2008

Applying makeup

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Check out this Youtube video, This makeup model gets a lesson in putting on makeup and a bigger lesson in what not to say when being taped… such as Ummm every 2 seconds, it sounds LAME. Anyway, check out the videos. It’s a great lesson in not only Makeup, but presentation. I am not sure if these makeup model videos are in the correct order, I do know that the model goes from geek to sheik in the end.

Ummmmmm, here is the rest of these how to put on… Ummmm makeup videos

Highlighting the eyes with black liner and shadow… smokey

Ummmmm and more of this darling spokes model.

hopefully this makeup artist took a look at the video and saw her own flaws in this delivery.

actually, her lips do look way cool here

lesson learned… blend, blend, blend… and blend some more

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2007-2008

Check out the Victoria Secret Fashion Show with Victoria Beckham and the Spice Girls performing on the runway. This isn’t just any runway fashion show, this is like some extravaganza with tons of special effects, video effects, live music and the Victoria Secret top models strutting in the famous underwear line. Underwear fashion shown by the hottest models on the planet.

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